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Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences

Who Majors in Psychological Sciences?

Approximately 300 College of Humanities and Natural Sciences students have decided that a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences offers them the scientific preparation that they want. Based on the information about our graduates in the past 10 years, approximately one-third of these students will continue on to earn a graduate degree in some area of psychology (clinical, counseling, industrial, experimental, or some other area).  In addition, another one-third of students will seek an advanced graduate or professional degree in a related area (law, medicine, dentistry, optometry, social work, business, or other fields). Our graduates have traditionally done well in their graduate and professional school careers. There are endless careers and jobs for Psychology majors who have a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola, a solid foundation in psychology, a strong liberal arts background and marketable skills.


PSYC A100 Intro to Psychology

Choose 2:
PSYC A230 Developmental
PSYC A235 Abnormal
PSYC A240 Social
PSYC A301 Intro Research
PSYC A303 Statistics & Methods*

Choose 2:
PSYC A315 Physiological
PSYC A320 Psychology of Learning (must include A321 Lab)
PSYC A322 Cognition
PSYC A416 Sensation & Perception
Psychology Lab Elective
Psychology Elective
Psychology Elective
Psychology Elective
PSYC A470 History & Systems
PSYC A491 ETS Exam (P/IP)

*Prerequisite for A301: 9 crs. in Psyc or 6 crs. with concurrent enrollment in 3 crs. of Psyc other than A301.

**Prerequisite for A303: A301 and one college-level math course.


Psychology Course Information

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