Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising

At Loyola, the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology offer a curriculum for pre-medical and pre-health students, which prepare them to enter Professional and Graduate Schools in Medical Fields. The specifics of these pre-health programs can be found at: Biochemistry | Biology | Physics | Psychology

The Loyola University Pre-Health Professionals (PHP) committee provides all Loyola University New Orleans students with information regarding requirements to be met to enter health professions schools and application procedures, including letters of recommendation if required by the health professional school, including a letter from the PHP committee. The members of the committee are:

Pre-Health Professions Committee Members 2014-2015

Timetable for Preparing To Enter Professional Schools

*This timetable is excerpted from the Pre-Health handbook.  View the Pre-Health Handbook »

First year

  • Choose an Academic Major.
  • Work closely with your professors and academic advisors!
  • Your professors need to get to know you well so that they will be able to write valid letters of evaluation for you. Get to know them- Interact with them.
  • Take the beginning Biology and Chemistry Courses required by Health Professions Schools.
  • Identify the course requirements for entry to Health Careers of interest to you and decide how best to fit them into your long term schedule of courses.

Second Year

  • Organic Chemistry and Physics must be completed before taking the MCAT in April of the Junior Year.
  • Take one or both of these courses in your Sophomore year.
  • Work or volunteer part time in the summer at a health related facility to learn if you are suited to the field, and to acquaint yourself with what is required of professionals in medical fields.
  • Join scientific and/or service organizations on campus and/or in the community to develop interpersonal skills. Health fields are PEOPLE ORIENTED.

Third Year

  • Contact the HPB chair to arrange for faculty recommendations to professional schools in early November.
  • Submit completed applications for LUHPB’s recommendation – March 1.
  • Prepare for the professional school admissions exam by taking a review course or completing your own in depth review for the test.
  • Register for and take the MCAT in the spring semester.
  • Complete AMCAS and other application forms.
  • Apply to the Health Professional Schools beginning June 1.
  • Submit secondary applications to medical schools.

Fourth Year

  • Applications to Health Professions Schools continue.
  • Prepare well and practice for interviews held at health professions schools for student applicants.
  • Visit the admissions directors of schools of interest to establish a personal bond with them.

 For more information, see your major advisor.



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