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Physics SPS Seminar Series

TIME: 12:15 PM




"Personal Electronic Devices: The Grim Reaper of Power "



Speaker: Dr. Patrick Garrity and William Walker, Loyola University


The worldwide use of personal electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets is increasing exponentially.  Having reached a total of approximately 10 billion devices worldwide, humans have become hopelessly outnumbered.  Lurking in the shadows however, is the massive amount of total electrical power required to charge and maintain the batteries on these gadgets.  In this presentation, we present experimental data characterizing the amount of electrical power required to charge several different types of personal devices.  Additionally, we present the results of worldwide power consumption as well as estimates of the growing power consumption in years to come.  The results of this analysis are stunning and unexpected.  Finally, we review several options that may help redirect the energy footprint to a more sustainable source.







Refreshment will be provided.