Liberal Arts Physics

Liberal Arts Physics is the department's most flexible program, aimed at students who want the scientific and analytic training that a physics degree offers. Students with a Liberal Arts Physics major also have the option of pursuing a secondary school teaching certificate by adding that curriculum to the one listed below.


  • PHYS A101 Introduction to Mechanics
  • PHYS A103 Mechanics Lab
  • PHYS A102 Introduction to Electromagnetism
  • PHYS A104 Electricity and Magnetism Lab
  • PHYS A240 Introduction to Waves and Quantum Physics 
  • PHYS A241 Introduction to Thermal Physics
  • PHYS A340 Classical Mechanics
  • PHYS A350 Electromagnetism
  • PHYS A445 Advanced Laboratory Physics
  • PHYS A450 Quantum Mechanics
  • Plus one physics elective

Physics course information

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