Patrick L. Garrity

Assistant Professor of Physics

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259C Monroe Hall
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(504) 865-3644
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(504) 865-2453
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Ph.D., University of New Orleans, 2009; M.S., University of New Orleans, 2003; B.S., University of New Orleans, 2002

Short Bio

Prof. Garrity studied physics and mechanical engineering at the University of New Orleans. After graduation in 2003, he joined Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. as a thermal research analyst on the Space Shuttle program. In this role, he assembled and wrote Fortran based thermal math models that incorporated complex boundary conditions such as non-linear irradiation, multi-phase fluid boundaries, supersonic aero heating effects and time dependent cryogenic fluid convective effects. His thermal model predictions were then validated through extensive laboratory and test facility experimentation at NASA and Lockheed Martin sites throughout the US. The validated models were then used regularly for actual Space Shuttle flight predictions. Following this role, Prof. Garrity was selected to lead the development of carbon nanotube (CNT) based composite materials. This effort was highly successful resulting in a unique surface application of CNT’s on conventional composites that produced an electrically conductive material with no losses in structural integrity. His research now concentrates on Dynamic Electron Scattering, a novel experimental technique that measures multiple transport properties of solid state materials through spectroscopy of thermal noise. The method is unique due to its generalized application on any solid state conducting material such as metals, semiconductors, semimetals, etc. Furthermore, his technique is especially amenable to difficult material systems such as gels, liquids or nanostructures. Prof. Garrity’s other interests include nanotechnology, alternative energy materials such as thermoelectric and photovoltaic, controlled heat transfer through low dimensional structures, thermodynamics and heat transfer. Prof. Garrity leads a condensed matter lab devoted to transport property measurement and enhancement.


Selected Publications:


  • P.L. Garrity, Experimental Measurement of Acoustic Plasmons in Polycrystalline Palladium, Phil. Mag., 93 1001 (2013). 
  • P.L. Garrity and W.V. Radosti, Direct Measurement of Absolute Thermoelectric Coefficients through Electronic Fluctuations, J. Elec. Mater., 41 1383 (2012).
  • P.L. Garrity,  Spectroscopy of Electronic Thermal Noise as a Direct Probe of Absolute Thermoelectric Coefficients, J. Appl. Phys.,  109  073701  (2011).
  • P.L. Garrity and K.L Stokes,  Thermal Noise as a Spectroscopic Tool to Determine Transport Properties,  Phil. Mag.,  89  2129  (2009).


Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Basic Physics Lab
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Electricity and Magnetism Lab
  • Solid State Physics
  • Introduction to Thermal Physics
  • Intoduction to Nanoscience
  • Advanced Lab Physics
  • Intro to Science and Engineering

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