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About Physics

Dedicated to the training and preparation of students.

The Department of Physics trains students in the science of physics and allows them to participate in physics research. The mission of the Physics Department at Loyola University New Orleans is twofold:

  • to increase understanding of the physical universe through fundamental research involving faculty and students,
  • to offer students insights into our understanding of, and modes of thought about, the physical universe by offering a challenging curriculum taught in small classes by a dedicated faculty readily accessible to students and interested in their scholarly welfare.

The Physics major has four tracks:

  • The Bachelor of Science in Physics program, the most rigorous track, is suitable for students intending to continue physics or related studies in graduate school.
  • The analytic and problem-solving training that physics provides has proven to be widely applicable to areas as diverse as finance and law. For this type of student we offer the Liberal Arts Physics program, which is more flexible and prepares students for a wide range of careers.
  • The Pre-Health Physics program builds upon strengths in the Natural Sciences at Loyola preparing students for medical school or other health-professional programs.
  • The Pre-Engineering Physics track is a 3-2 dual degree program with students completing their engineering degrees at another institution while earning a Physics degree from Loyola. We work with programs in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering at the University of New Orleans and the Engineering Physics program at Tulane University. This track can also be administered on an individual basis with students completing their engineering degree at the institution of their choice.