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Inspiring awe in the structure of the universe

Physics is the science of how things work. Physicists study everything from subatomic particles, to the properties of materials used to construct electronic devices, to the laws that govern the universe on the largest scales. These endeavors require a combination of ‘hands on’ experiments, theory based on mathematical laws and models, and computation often used to bring the theory and experiment together. The boundaries between disciplines such and chemistry, physics and biology are inherently fuzzy and interdisciplinary fields such as biophysics, geophysics and chemical physics are at the forefront of much of today’s research.

Degree Programs, Scholarships

The Department of Physics offers Bachelor of Science degrees in physics, pre-engineering, pre-health physics and liberal arts physics. Scholarships are available to Physics students based on their academic achievement and/or financial need. For a complete list of Physics scholarships click here.

Faculty and Student Research

Our faculty are active in different areas of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. In addition to course work, students are encouraged to get involved in research with the faculty.

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student Achievements + Research

Loyola Physics Students participate in “Science Night” at Samuel Green Charter school

The Science show for the students at the Samuel J. Green charter school was an excellent experience for both the volunteering Loyola students as well as the school kids. Douglas, Cameron, Riley, Jessie, and Ilyes, all physics students helped with the event.

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faculty Achievements + Research

Loyola receives NASA grant for development of thermoelectric invention

Someday soon, smart phones could be charged in a pocket using only body heat to power up the devices. Even sooner, rocket sensors needed to monitor an engine’s health while launching it into space could feature sensors powered solely by the heat generated from the rocket.

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alumni Achievements + Research

Physics alumna, Stella von Meer, begins PhD studies in Dynamical Neuroscience

Stella von Meer has been accepted to a PhD program in Dynamical Neuroscience at UC Santa Barbara. Stella graduated from Loyola with a major in Physics in 2007 and in 2010 she earned a M.Sc. degree in Medical Neuroscience from Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, Germany.

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