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Programs of Study


Examine the fundamental questions of human existence

Philosophy affords students a theoretical and practical grasp of the ethical questions that are at the forefront of concern in today's pluralistic society. Delving into questions concerning the very nature of good and evil, the philosophy student probes the basis of ethical judgment and subjects ethical criteria to critical evaluation.

"What can I do with a degree in Philosophy?"  The answer: "Just about anything." Philosophy majors consistently score among the highest in graduate school entrance exams, like the GRE and the LSAT.  See for yourself by clicking here.  In addition, our alumni have established impressive careers in law, medicine, government, education, business, and the arts. 

To learn more, download the department's goals and learning objectives.

The Philosophy Department also offers its eligible majors an opportunity to complete their degree programs with departmental honors by writing an Honors Thesis in their senior year.  You may wish to take a look at the theses past seniors have written. Click here for the Honors Thesis form

The Philosophy Department expects all of its students to conform to the highest standards of intellectual integrity. For questions on academic dishonesty, refer to the departmental policy on plagiarism.