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Pre-Law Philosophy

Philosophy affords students a theoretical and practical grasp of the ethical questions that are at the forefront of concern in today's pluralistic society. Philosophy confronts human values precisely as values. Delving into questions concerning the very nature of good and evil, it enables students to move beyond what is merely descriptive to the ethical prescriptive. The philosophy student probes the basis of ethical judgment and subjects ethical criteria to critical evaluation.

Students interested in a career in law may pursue a major in Philosophy specifically designed to prepare them for law school admission.

The pre-law track requires a minimum of 30 credit hours to complete the major, satisfying the following distribution of courses:

I. Systematic Philosophy

  • Phil A225: Philosophy of Law

Moral and Political Theory (Choose 1):

  • Phil A215 Ethics
  • Phil A320 Social and Political Theory
  • Phil A330 Modern Political Theory
  • Phil V235 Philosophy of Right

Philosophy and Social Topics (Choose 1):

  • Phil V234 Medical Ethics
  • Phil 241 Phil Perspective on Woman
  • Phil V243 Environmental Philosophy
  • Phil V244 Law and Morality
  • Phil V260 Social Justice

Theoretical Philosophy (Choose 1):

  • Phil A201 Practical Logic
  • Phil A210 Metaphysics
  • Phil A220 Epistemology
  • Phil A300 Philosophy of Science
  • Phil A307 Philosophy of Mind
  • Phil A340 Being and God

II. History of Philosophy

(Choose 1 from each of the 3 historical periods):


  • Phil A400  History of Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil A490  Major Seminar: Ancient


  • Phil A405 History of Medieval Philosophy
  • Phil A408 Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
  • Phil A491 Major Seminar: Medieval


  • Phil A410 History of Modern Philosophy
  • Phil A492 Major Seminar: Modern

III. Electives

Students must take 3 electives. Some courses offered recently are:

  • Phil A210: Metaphysics
  • Phil A220: Epistemology
  • Phil A430: American Philosophy
  • Phil A465: Introduction to Analytical Philosophy

IV. Major Seminar course

All majors must complete at least one Major Seminar course (A490, A491, A492 or A493) prior to graduation.