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The core of a liberal education

The Department of Philosophy challenges students to think, to listen, and to inspire others as they learn from the teachings of classical and contemporary philosophers.

Philosophy is a discipline that challenges students both to reflect on their own biases and presuppositions and to put order into their thoughts. It provides a unique stimulus to thought and reflections upon human experience.

Loyola's Philosophy Department has produced a Rhodes Scholar, a British-Marshall Scholar, and most recently, a Davies-Jackson Scholar.  All three chose to continue their studies of Philosophy in the United Kingdom.

"What can I do with a degree in Philosophy?"  The answer: "Just about anything." Philosophy majors consistently score among the highest in graduate school entrance exams, like the GRE and the LSAT.  See for yourself by clicking here.  In addition, our alumni have established impressive careers in law, medicine, government, education, business, and the arts. 

student Achievements + Research

Philosophy Students Visit Good Shepherd School to Teach Third Graders

Philosophy Hands Up

Some philosophy students have been involved with Dr. Altschul's outreach project.

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faculty Achievements + Research

Meet the people who want to turn predators into vegans

Dr. Joel MacClellan

“This issue probably hits closest to home, literally, with domestic cats, who are estimated to kill up to 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals annually in the United States."

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alumni Achievements + Research

Maria Rossi, Philosophy Pre-Law and English Literature major receives Ignatian Award for Outstanding Senior Woman.

Maria Rossi

Maria Rossi, English Literature and Philosophy Pre-Law student was presented at graduation with the Ignatian Award for Outstanding Senior Woman. Maria received a Bachelor of Arts degree with University Honors. Congratulations, Maria!

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