Department of Languages and Cultures at Loyola University New Orleans


The Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Spanish provides students with a balance of language, literature, and culture courses.  Our goal is for our students to understand many facets of Spanish cultures and languages.

The requirements for this program depend on each student’s individual level of Spanish language upon entering the program. Language testing will determine placement, and students new to Spanish will have to achieve three years of Spanish language proficiency to complete the program (equivalent to completion of SPAN A305). Students with a higher level of Spanish proficiency entering the program will have additional elective courses within this concentration.

Program Curriculum

The Spanish program requires successful completion of 31 credit hours in a combination of Spanish language courses; a selection of Spanish electives in literature and culture; and a Spanish capstone course.  There are study abroad opportunities, and a thesis sequence is available to interested students.

Spanish language courses – 15 crs.
·         SPAN A200 Second Year Spanish I
·         SPAN A201 Second Year Spanish II
·         SPAN A300 Syntax and Composition
·         SPAN A301 Intensive Conversation
·         SPAN A305 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Literature – 2 of the following courses (6 crs.)  
·         SPAN A310 Survey of Spanish Literature I
·         SPAN A311 Survey of Spanish Literature II
·         SPAN A340 Latin-American Literature I
·         SPAN A341 Latin-American Literature II

Culture – 1 of the following courses (3 crs.)
·         SPAN A315 Culture and Civilization of Spain
·         SPAN G316 Spanish Culture in Spain (Study Abroad)
·         SPAN A350 Culture of Spanish America to 1850
·         SPAN A351 Culture of Spanish America from 1851

Electives – 2 courses (6 crs.)
·         SPAN A300 or A400 level elective
·         SPAN A400 level elective

·         SPAN A480 Capstone course

Teacher Certification

Loyola offers a teacher certification in secondary education in Spanish.  To qualify, students must complete a series of focus area courses. Learn more about teacher certification in Spanish.

Program Resources

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