Department of Languages and Cultures at Loyola University New Orleans


Asian Studies

The study of the philosophies, religions, languages, and political systems of Asian nations will give students new insights into their own Western culture and lead them to an appreciation of the complexities of the social and political conflicts in the world today. Find out more about the Asian Studies minor »

Classical Civilizations

A minor in Classical Civilizations consists of 21 credit hours of the following courses:
·   Classical Humanities: Archaeology – 1 course (3 crs.)
·   Classical Humanities: History – 1 course (3 crs.)
·   Classical Humanities: Literature – 1 course (3 crs)
·   Classical Humanities: Thought – 1 course (3 crs.)
·   9 credit hours of Classical Humanities electives, which can include
     Latin or Greek courses

Classical Studies

A minor in Classical Studies consists of 24 credit hours of study.
·   12 credit hours of Latin or Greek courses
·   12 credit hours of Classical Humanities (CLHU) courses, or additional
     Latin and Greek courses

French or Spanish

A minor in French or Spanish consists of 21 credit hours in two areas: language study based on language testing placement, and culture or history electives relevant to the area of study. Contact French advisor Dr. Cassandra Mabe or Spanish advisor Dr. Nathan Henne for additional information.

Latin American Studies (LAS) Minor

The LAS minor is an 18 credit hour program. Like the LAS major, course requirements in the minor depend on the student's level of placement in Spanish. Upon completing the program, the student will have both an ability to negotiate the Spanish language and an expertise in various other aspects of Latin America’s make-up, such as history, politics, business, biology, religion, film, literature and philosophy.  The program includes:
·   SPAN A200 Second-year Spanish I
·   SPAN A201 Second-year Spanish II
·   SPAN A300 Syntax & Composition or SPAN A301 Intensive
·   Latin American history or culture course (choose one course):
            ·   HIST A220 Latin America I
            ·   HIST A221 Modern Latin America
            ·   SPAN A350 Culture of Spanish America to 1850
            ·   SPAN A351 Culture of Spanish America from 1850
·   6 crs. of LAS designated electives

Minor Resources

·   Detailed tracking sheets for Languages & Cultures minors
·   Minor requirements for previous years
·   Classical Humanities course descriptions
·   French (FREN) course descriptions
·   Greek course descriptions
·   Latin course descriptions
·   LAS Course Descriptions
·   Spanish Course Descriptions