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Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies

Classical Studies is at the root of Ignatian education and provides the student with a truly liberal educational experience. The foundations of western civilization, philosophy, religion, art, and culture derive from the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. Classical Studies examines every area of society in some way and provides the framework and depth that students need to understand and evaluate the present.

Whether studying the original languages of Latin or Greek, texts in translation, or the ancient arts and cultures, the student learns to interpret various types of texts and media, developing the ability to understand and analyze the various modes of expression and communication from antiquity. Not only does work in classical studies foster reading and writing skills, it also sharpens skills in critical thinking and critical analysis. Students will enhance their abilities to analyze complex developments and synthesize materials from numerous sources.

The Classical Studies major offers two concentrations of study, one in Language, the other in Classical Civilizations. The program also offers minors in Classical Studies and Classical Civilizations.


A Classical Studies major with a concentration in Language requires successful completion of 36 credit hours of study.

·         18 credit hours of Greek or Latin
·         18 credit hours in Classical Humanities, Greek, or Latin
·         CLHU A480 Classical Humanities Capstone (1 crs.)

Classical Civilizations

A Classical Studies major with a concentration in Classical Civilizations requires successful completion of 33 credit hours of study.  

·         Classical Humanities: Archaeology – 1 course (3 crs.)
·         Classical Humanities: History – 1 course (3 crs.)
·         Classical Humanities: Literature – 1 course (3 crs)
·         Classical Humanities: Thought – 1 course (3 crs.)
·         18 credit hours of Classical Humanities electives
·         CLHU A480 Classical Humanities capstone (1 crs.)

Although courses in Latin or Greek are not required, students are encouraged to take at least 2 semesters at the introductory level. These can be used to satisfy Common Curriculum language requirements.

Courses taken for the major cannot also be used to satisfy requirements for a minor. Students in either concentration are encouraged to take a minor in related areas like history, Medieval Studies, Philosophy or Religious Studies.

Classical Studies program resources

·         Detailed curriculum requirements
·         Curriculum requirements for previous years
·         Classical Humanities course descriptions       
·         Greek course descriptions
·         Latin course descriptions