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Programs of Study

An undergraduate degree in history is a valuable preparation for careers in a number of fields: law, foreign service, politics, journalism, publishing, public relations, teaching, religious ministry, and naturally, historical research and writing. History also serves as an indispensable adjunct to studies in the humanities and the social sciences. In order to graduate with a degree in history, a student needs to earn 37 credit hours in the major. The student must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA as well as a 2.0 departmental GPA.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in History

Promotes investigation of and reflection on the accumulated knowledge and diverse experience of human societies, which leads to an understanding of and appreciation for the accumulated knowledge of the past, in light of the Judeo-Christian tradition. See the degree plan »

Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in International Studies

The International Studies concentration within the History degree provides students with knowledge and analytical skills that are useful for international careers in development, aid, diplomacy, journalism, business, and academia. The program harnesses the strengths of the History department in the study of Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Latin America, and Europe. See the degree plan »

Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Pre-Law

This major is specifically designed to prepare students for law school admission. See the degree plan »


To minor in history, students need to complete Global History I & II (Hist T122 & Hist T124) and 5 other history courses. Students may also minor in one of the university's many interdisciplinary minors.

Departmental Honors

Students wishing to earn an "Honors in History" designation which will appear on their official transcripts should have a 3.3 Loyola GPA and a 3.5 GPA in history in order to qualify.

Course work for "Honors in History" consists of original research leading to the writing of a thesis or the creation of a project, under the supervision of a faculty mentor during the two semesters prior to graduation. See the Timeline for Honors in History.

Teacher Certification

In the Bachelor of Arts in History (Social Studies) with Teacher Certification, students complete the History requirements plus a set of focus-area courses for teacher certification. See the degree plan »