Eberhard (Lo) Faber

Visiting Assistant Professor

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Office Location
449 Bobet Hall
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6363 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA. 70118
Direct Phone
(504) 865-2569
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(504) 865-2010
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Short Bio

I grew up in New Jersey and spent my early adult life in New York City. For twelve years I was the singer, guitar player, and principal songwriter of the touring rock band God Street Wine. In 2004 I retired from music and concentrated on finishing my BA at Skidmore College; two years later I began work on my PhD at Princeton University. In 2012 I finished my dissertation, which was about the transformation of New Orleans under American rule in the wake of the Louisiana Purchase, and involved three years of full-time research including one year spent living in New Orleans. My research interests include colonial and nineteenth-century New Orleans and the Gulf Coast; the South; Jeffersonian Democracy, and politics in the new nation; the junction of culture and formal and popular politics in the 1830s; society and culture in nineteenth century America. My non-academic interests include my two children, and an occasional bit of guitar playing.