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Department of History

Preparing for the future by studying the past

History at Loyola is an integral part of the university’s liberal arts program. As such, it seeks to free the mind from common prejudices and faulty intellectual assumptions through a broad-based study of the human past. Students become familiar with the principal forces of change and adaptation that have marked humanity’s cultural, social, political and economic development.

Guiding the students’ intellectual formation is a dedicated history faculty made up of professional educators who themselves are engaged in the quest for knowledge through continued research and active scholarship.

Departmental course offerings reflect the broad expertise of the history faculty, and treat such diverse areas as American, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African history, with thematic courses in intellectual, social, legal, political, and military, as well as African-American, Church, women’s histories, and documentary and oral history. The department is currently transforming its two-part World Civilizations course sequence into a redesigned Global History sequence.

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faculty Achievements + Research

Dr. Bernard Cook Publishes Three Articles

Dr. Bernard Cook, Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus, publishes articles in two books and a leading historical journal.

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Loyola History Alumna Publishes Book

Image of book cover with Joseph Stalin and children

Loyola Alumna, Dr. Margaret Peacock, has published a book with The University of North Carolina Press (August 2014) exploring the politics of childhood during the Cold War.

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