The minor in Environmental Studies requires 21 hours of course work.  Students are required to complete six (6) different courses equaling 18 semester hours from the following three course areas: Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Social Science, and Humanities.  Two courses must be taken in each area. 

Natural & Mathematical Sciences (Select two)
BIOL A208* Ecology and Evolution
BIOL A330/331* Ecology (lecture and lab)
BIOL J230 Human Ecology
BIOL J236 Evolution
BIOL J237 Marine Biology & Conservation
BIOL J240 Plant Natural History
BIOL J244 Mississippi River Delta Ecology
BIOL J250/251 Tropical Ecology
BIOL J264 Global Ecology
CHEM A105/A107* General Chemistry I (lecture and lab)
CHEM A106/A108* General Chemistry II (lecture and lab)

Social Sciences & Business (Select two)
CMMN A475 Environmental Communication
SOCI A285 Sociology of Disaster
SOCI A355 Environmental Sociology
SOCI J236 Global Environmental Crisis

Humanities (Select two)
ENGL A352 Literature and Environment
HIST X234 Technology, Nature, and the West
PHIL J243 Environmental Philosophy
PHIL J245 Environmental Ethics
PHIL V267 Technology and Human Values
RELS A368 Christianity and the Environment
RELS A470 The Spirituality of the Nature Writers

Capstone (Select one)
ENVA A497 Practicum/Internship
ENVA A498 Research Project
ENVA A499 Independent Study

Optional substitute
ENVA A105 Foundations in Environmental Studies
may substitute for one course in any of the above three categories.

*Biology/chemistry majors may take these courses with permission.

The culmination of all Environment majors and minors is a Senior Capstone Experience consisting either of an internship (ENVA A497), a research project (ENVA A498) or an independent study (ENVA A499).  

Senior Experience
Senior Experience Agreement Form
Senior Experience Waiver of Liability Form

Minor Declaration Form (Humanities and Natural Sciences Majors) Print, fill out and turn into BOBET 202
Minor Declaration Form (Social Science Majors) Print, fill out and turn into STALLINGS 210.

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