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Protect, conserve, renew

Hurricanes, oil spills and coastal erosion present unavoidable challenges to the southeast Louisiana coastal area that foreshadow environmental quandaries elsewhere. Unlike most other institutions, Loyola University offers its students a front row seat for community debates over the cost, effectiveness and long-range consequences of engineering regional ecosystems. Further, wetland, lake, river and gulf estuaries surrounding the city provide unique opportunities for the investigation and study of natural resources. The city itself provides an exciting place to live and explore dynamic cultural traditions of music, art, cuisine, education and community celebration which are also ever-adapting to the changing landscape. 

Academic Programs

Loyola's unique Program in the Environment offers three majors: Environmental Science, Environmental Studies (Humanities) and Environment Studies (Social Sciences) and a Minor in Environmental Studies. Learn more about our programs of study


student Achievements + Research

Environment student conducts research on how flood wall is affecting marine life

Loyola University New Orleans Environmental Science major Jenny Simon is conducting research to see if a 10,000-foot storm wall nearing completion just outside New Orleans is affecting nearby fish and marine life.

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faculty Achievements + Research

Biology professor joins international panel

Professor Barnes tapped by United Nations to discuss his climate change research

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alumni Achievements + Research

Alumnus working to help create sustainable food systems

Andrew McDaniel '13, a sociology and environmental studies alumnus, is working to help create sustainable food systems through the Crescent City Farmers Market.

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