Dean's Student Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Dean's Student Advisory Committee is to provide a forum for common student academic concerns, to advise the dean on policy matters, and to enhance communication among students and academic departments, among students of different academic departments and between the students and the dean's office.

DSAC would like to invite anyone concerned about issues related to academics or policy in the departments of the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences to drop an e-mail to the DSAC "Speaker" or your individual representative. E-mails will be read to the dean and DSAC members. Your voice will be heard. Thank you.

  • Biology: Denise Powell (alternate: Gabrielle Espiritu)
  • Chemistry: Francesca Vaccaro (alternate: Kanda Borgognoni)
  • Classical Studies: Rose Dicks (alternate: Bridget Thomas)
  • Languages and Cultures: Genesis Rodas (alternate: Megan McAndrews)
  • English: Richard O'Brien (alternate: Michael Olausen)
  • History: Mara Steven (alternate: Emily Edwards) 
  • Mathematics: Charlotte Gemmell
  • Philosophy: Christopher Backes (alternate: Patrick Klena)
  • Physics: Emily Reynolds (alternate: Riley Mayes) 
  • Psychology: Jessica Williams (alternate: Melanie Janney)
  • Religious Studies: Cyprien Bullock (alternate: Adriana Smith) 


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