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Our Facilities

Faculty and students have access to a wide array of state-of-the-art instrumentation.  This sophisticated equipment is used not only in coursework but also during collaborative undergraduate research activities to characterize materials or to quantify analytes by a variety of spectroscopic, chromatographic, thermometric and electrochemical methods. Through the university library, students have access to online chemical databases and major chemistry journals.

Partial renovation of our chemistry teaching laboratories was completed in August 2008 with a generous donation from the Benson Family. This wing of the first floor of Monroe Hall was dedicated in honor of Dr. Gregory Choppin, a 1949 chemistry alumnus who co-discovered Mendelevium, element 101, with Glenn Seaborg.  Renovation of Chemistry & Biochemistry research laboratories and office space on the second floor of Monroe Hall will be completed during the spring of 2015.

The space is designed to enable students to learn modern scientific methods and to emphasize the centrality of science in a liberal arts education as well as its importance to society. 

For more information about our instrumentation, or to arrange training, please contact the departmental chairperson or your undergraduate research advisor. 

Absorption / Emission Spectrometers & Laser Systems

UV-VIS-NIR (Olis 14, complete upgrade '11)

UV-VIS Diode Array Spectrometer (Hewlett Packard, ’98)

UV-VIS Diode Array Spectrometer (Ocean Optics, ’03)

Nicolet 6700, MCT and DTGS detectors, ATR and Diffuse Reflectance attachments (’12)

Nicolet 6700, MCT detector, far-IR detector and beam splitter (’07)

Spectrofluorophotometer (Shimadzu RF-5301PC ’12)

Monochromator w/ PMT detector (Spectral Products DK480 '03)

Nitrogen/Dye Laser (Photon Technology GL302/GL3300, ’03)

Ar-Ion pumped dye laser (Coherent)

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Flame/Graphite Oven/Autosampler (Varian '09)

Chromatography Instrumentation

Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (Agilent '09)                        

Liquid Flash Chromatography with Fraction Collector, UV-Vis Detector (Teledyne Flash, ’08)                                                                                

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Autosampler,

Column Oven, UV-Vis. Detector, and Fraction Collector (Shimazu, '07)

Gas Chromatography/Ion-Mobility Spectrometer (Barringer GC-Ionscan ’01)

Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (Hewlett Packard 5973/6890, ’98)

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (Varian 210 with UV-Vis.Detector and fraction collector, ’98)

Liquid Chromatography (ISCO with fraction collector, ’95)


Varian / Anasazi 60 MHz NMR on site at Loyola (’01)

*Access to High-Field NMR Spectrometers through Tulane University, a two-block walk through campus

Miscellaneous Instrumentation

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (ShimadzubDSC60 Plus, ’15)  

Synthesis Microwave (CEM MarsXphase, ’06 and ‘15)

Polarimeter (Rudolph Research Analytical Autopol 1, '12)

Thermo-Gravimetric Analyzer (Perkin Elmer STA6000, ’08)

Electrostatic Particle Classifier and Condensation Counter (TSI 3080/3772, ’08)

MALDI-TOF (Bruker MicroflexLT, ’06)

Cyclic Voltammograph (BAS CV-27, ’92)

Magnetic Susceptibility Balance (Johnson Matthey, ’98)

Solvent Purification Manifold (MBraun, MB-SPS, ’05)

400 W Wavelength-Selectable UV Light Source (SPEX, '09)

Bomb Calorimeter (Parr, '08)

Forensic Chemistry Laboratory

FTIR Microscope (Smith IluminatIR '09)

FTIR Spectrometer (Smith '09)

RUVIS UV Imager with Fingerprinting Analysis Software (SPEX, '09)

Crimescope 400W Wavelength-Selectable UV Light Source (SPEX, '09)

Polarized Light Microscope with video/still camera attachment (Meiji MX9430, '09).