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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The chemical industry in the United States employs roughly 870,000 scientists in a variety of fields ranging from materials scientists designing the next generation solar cell to analytical chemists studying atmospheric phenomena to forensic crime scene specialists helping to identify and quantify trace evidence.

An American Chemical Society-accredited degree in chemistry from Loyola University prepares students to enter directly into industry or pursue an advanced degree in any field of chemistry. Indeed, recent graduates have been accepted into prestigious graduate programs at universities across the country including Stanford, Rice, Emory, Tulane, University of Southern California, University of North Carolina, and Yale University

Our ACS-accredited degree focuses on providing students with excellent classroom and laboratory instruction coupled with a dynamic undergraduate research program providing all students with the opportunity to engage in graduate-level research at an undergraduate pace.


  • CHEM A105/107 General Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A106/108 General Chemistry II Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A300/302 (or 305) Organic Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A301/303 Organic Chemistry II/Lab
  • CHEM A306 Physical Chemistry I
  • CHEM A307 Physical Chemistry II
  • CHEM A320 Integrated Chem Lab I
  • CHEM A330 Integrated Chem Lab II
  • CHEM A350 Inorganic Chemistry I
  • CHEM A400 Biochemistry I
  • CHEM A415 Instrumental Analysis
  • CHEM A493 Capstone
  • Plus 5 crs of chemistry electives CHEM A400-A499

Chemistry course information

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