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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

This major track within our department focuses on preparing students for graduate school in a wide variety of health-science fields including medical and dental school. This major combines a core set of chemistry courses with adjunct courses in biology, physics and mathematics to prepare students for graduate study in the health sciences.

Like in our American Chemical Society degree track, we also offer students the opportunity to become an expert in a field of chemistry by participating in undergraduate research. Recent graduates of this program have been accepted into medical and dental graduate programs at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, the University of Alabama Birmingham, the University of Florida, and Louisiana State University.

If you are interested in a graduate degree in any of the health sciences, you can visit our Career Development Center, the American Medical Association, or a great career guide at the Association of American Medical Colleges website.

All chemistry majors have an academic advisor from Department of Chemistry faculty. Students and advisors work together on student academic and career plans throughout their time at Loyola.


  • CHEM A105/107 General Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A106/108 General Chemistry II Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A300/302 (or 305) Organic Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A301/303 Organic Chemistry II Lecture/Lab
  • CHEM A306 Physical Chemistry I
  • CHEM A320 Integrated Chemistry Lab I
  • CHEM A350 Inorganic Chemistry I
  • CHEM A320 Integrated Chemistry Lab
  • CHEM A400 Biochemistry I
  • CHEM A402 Biochemistry I – Lab
  • CHEM A401 Biochemistry II
  • CHEM A493 Capstone
  • Plus 5 crs of chemistry electives CHEM A300-A400

Chemistry course information

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