Kurt Birdwhistell

Professor of Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry Kurt Birdwhistell
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656 Monroe Hall
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Loyola University
Department of Chemistry
6363 St. Charles Ave.
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New Orleans, LA 70118
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(504) 865-3272
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Ph.D., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1985; B.S., University of West Florida, 1980

Short Bio

Dr. Birdwhistell obtained his Ph.D. in inorganic/organometallic chemistry. Dr. Birdwhistell has been at Loyola since 1988 and is currently a full professor. Birdwhistell has been doing research in the area of catalysis for over twenty years. For the past ten years, he has focused his research efforts in the area of green chemistry. Green chemistry strives to do chemistry in environmentally benign and sustainable manner.

Currently, our research involves the application of green chemistry principles to the synthesis of important organometallic species. We are devising new greener methods to synthesize: 1) metal carbonyl complexes , 2) ferrocene and derivatives of ferrocene and 3) ionic water-soluble metal complexes and catalysts. We use catalysts and microwave energy to devise greener synthetic methods for these important inorganic complexes.

Dr. Birdwhistell is also involved in community outreach. He has given many talks on the importance of green chemistry for a sustainable future.

Birdwhistell has published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Organometallics, Journal of Chemical Education, and Journal of Organometallic chemistry as well as others.

Dr. Birdwhistell enjoys swimming, biking, canoeing and traveling. His hobbies are photography and bird watching (especially hummingbirds, see www.loyno.edu/~birdwhis/index.html).

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